Skipper's Mate
Make your boat a SmartBoat ... with Remote Access... On-Board Comms ... Security ... and Entertainment         Lean enough to be fed by a single solar panel
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Skipper's Mate is free Open Source software (GPLv2)- see README here - developed by sailors who wanted to make sure their boat is safe when they're not on board. Then they decided to add some fun to the security - using the Internet, watching FreeView TV and video while on a mooring or at anchor. All without mains power.

Would you like to ...

  • Access your boat from anywhere world-wide via the Internet ?
  • Create your Own Boat Wi-Fi Hotspot ?
  • Switch between Wi-Fi and 3G/4G Internet with a single click ?
  • Stream FreeView TV and radio to tablets and laptops
  • ... without using any broadband allowance ?
  • Play/view stored video, music and pictures over the Hotspot ?
  • Access from tablet, smartphone or laptop on-board ?
  • Want VPN tunnelling for secure access ?
  • Check on your boat while she's moored or at anchor ?
  • Run off 12V/24V using typically less than 10Ah per 24 hours ?
  • Receive SMS or email alerts if the boat wanders or an intruder is detected ?
  • Add relays to switch boat systems remotely ?
  • Add sensors and monitor remotely - voltage, temperature, hatches, PIR ... ?
FREE DOWNLOADABLE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE including full pdf instructions - covering all software to create a Boat Server, with optional Sensor and Relay Servers, plus a Central Server.


Since it would seem that quite a few of you prefer not to build your own, you can purchase a fully configured hardware kit. Just give it some power from the boat supply (12/24V) and it's up and running. NO SOLDERING REQUIRED ! The proceeds fund further development of the Open Source software.

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READY-TO-GO KITS are now available - see Shopping Cart and Kits.
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track your boat    boat on Google maps
These snapshots show the plots which you can see from Plot Current Position on Google satellite maps and Google maps.

switch panel and sensor panel remote access Switch Panel and Sensor Panel available from any device - locally or remotely

All our software is Open Source and issued under the GPL. Feel free to download the software to use with your own hardware - full instructions on how to set the system up, including the installation of additional Open Source Linux packages, can also be downloaded. Alternatively, just buy a kit and you're ready to go.