Notes on SignalK feeds - on your boat viewed via 4G or Wi-Fi


How SignalK Demo - How its Set up and How to View Data

This demo is running live from our boat (SNAFU II). The boat is on a swinging mooring in the UK - systems powered by solar panels - access via 4G and the VPN. If you are interested in viewing your own boat systems via a VPN, all the software is free and Open Source. We charge a small subscription to enable users to use the VPN. Note that this is a VPN which allows you private access your boat systems, not a VPN to use from the boat for privacy whilst browsing.


To view the feeds, select Data Browser from the menu on the left. This will show you a table of feeds, showing :


Signal K is an open data format allowing you to utilise the data from a wide range of standard sources. For the purposes of the boat we have, or plan to have, inputs from instruments using NMEA2000, NMEA 0183 and Modbus. Please Google for information about SignalK - it is both clever and complex so we won't be discussing the details here.

Our System

We currently have :

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