Notes on Grafana - accessed on your boat via 4G or Wi-Fi


What graphs we're showing and How to Access Them

This demo is running live from our boat (SNAFU II). The boat is on a swinging mooring in the UK - systems powered by solar panels - access via 4G and the VPN. If you are interested in viewing your own boat systems via a VPN, all the software is free and Open Source. We charge a small subscription to enable users to use the VPN. Note that this is a VPN which allows you private access your boat systems, not a VPN to use from the boat for privacy whilst browsing.

BM1 and Epever battery current/volts

From the central panel - Welcome to Grafana select the option :

BM1 and Epever battery current/volts
The graphs (which have a default period of 6 hours) shown are :


This demo uses free Open Source software, Grafana.

We are able to view live amps and volts - for an unlimited period. The data is stored on your local boat server so you can keep as much data as your local storage will permit. Having access to historic data is giving us valued information on our charging and battery systems.

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